Sue and Joe - Port Ewen, New York
“Last year, my husband, Joe, and I were heartbroken upon losing our beloved 16 year-old Himalayan, Tom.  Eventually, though, we knew we needed another Himalayan - a gift to each other that would make our Christmas.  After much research, we were fortunate to find Pauline and Glenn. In another stroke of luck, they happened to have kittens looking for their forever homes. 

We arrived at Pauline's home to find several curious bundles of fur, bouncing and playing throughout the main floor.  They were being lovingly nurtured by both Pauline and Glenn, and not just one, but a few gentle, attentive feline mothers.  It was clear Pauline and Glenn knew a lot about each one of their cats and kittens, and took great care to breed healthy, beautiful and well-socialized kittens.  They were also careful to ensure their kittens were placed in loving, safe homes.  Joe and I knew we found the right breeders. 

After spending some time watching, playing with and cuddling the kittens, we found not one, but two brothers, who had obviously bonded. Their antics had us laughing, and choosing just one was impossible. We just couldn’t bear to separate them. 

So, Elton and Rod came home with us a couple of weeks later.  Our vets gave our new family members a perfect bill of health, adding, “Your breeders know what they’re doing.” 

Elton and Rod continue to grow into beautiful cats, and they bring us laughter and affection every day. We are ever grateful to Pauline and Glenn for these healthy, beautiful, sweet and gregarious additions to our family."

Kathy and Bea - Arlington, Massachusetts
"We can't thank you enough, Pauline and Glenn, for our precious Blaze.  He is so sweet and cuddly and fit right into the family immediately.  Blaze is very much loved by his Mom Kathy, Grandma Bea, and his 3 feline housemates.  He is friendly and confident and comfortable wherever we take him.  You gave Blaze a great start in life, and anyone who visits your home can see how loved and well cared for your cats are.  Everyone we show Blaze's photo to asks where we got such a beautiful cat. I'm glad that I was able to send some more customers your way.  Your babies are all so beautiful, healthy, and well-socialized.  We are also glad that you live close by so that Blaze can keep in touch with his extended family!"

Stu - Woonsocket, Rhode Island
"I've had four Himalayans over the years. Orville and Wilbur have been the friendliest. They are playful, calm, friendly to strangers, great with children, and reasonable in terms of neediness. They don't wake us in the morning, meow at the top of their lungs all night, or walk on whatever we're reading. They're always nearby but not on our food or newspapers. They keep each other company and are as happy sleeping next to each other as they are relaxing next to us on the couch. Perfect cats!"

Elizabeth - Fall River, Massachuetts
"I'm still amazed how smart this bread of kitty is. Blue has more then exceeded my expectations for a wonderful pet. East coast Persians and Himalayans are very caring breeders caring that your kitten is happy and healthy and there for advice no matter what it may be. Outstanding person to deal with. I could not ask for better adoption and I searched the internet for a year or more before I East coast Persians and Himalayans Thank You for being there."

         Kathy, F. D. - Framingham, Massachusetts
"I am the proud owner of 2 kittens, 11 months and 13 weeks old that I adopted from Pauline and Glenn.   Both cats are healthy, beautiful, and extremely friendly . Pauline and  Glenn do an excellent job socializing their kittens, not only to people, but also to other furry friends.
I highly recommend East Coast Persians for their wonderful cats and their professionalism."

   Angel - Reading, Massachusetts
"I would like to make a recommendation for a great breeder named Pauline.  I bought a kitten from her about 4 years ago.  She is a Himalayan named Angelica.  She was more than what we hoped for.  She has big blue eyes and soft fur.  Her temperament is very loving and friendly.  In the future, I will not hesitate to buy further kitten(s) from Pauline."

   Barbara and Kathy - Medford, Massachusetts
"Glenn and Pauline raise the most beautiful Persian cats.  I have owned two other Persians
they were beautiful, however, Winston wins the prize.  He is highly intelligent, very healthy and strong.  Everyone who meets him can't get over his beauty and he makes himself known.
He never hides from people and enjoys there company.
We love him :)"

       Diane and Jed - Wilmington, Massachusetts
“We previously had a tortoise shell Persian for 16 + plus wonderful years and really became attached to her.  After she passed three years ago, we were faced  with the daunting task of finding another Persian cat. After several weeks of surfing the internet and weeding through blogs and reviews of many cat breeders, we came across the East Coast Persian website. It was immediately obvious from the site and through our initial conversations, that Glenn and Pauline were not just cat breeders, but also loving and caring “parents” to their cats.  They take the time to personally meet with all prospective owners to make sure each of their cats are placed in a warm and loving environment.  We were very happy to become part of their extended “cat family” when picked up Lucy (chocolate tortoise shell Persian) and her sister, Ricki (brown patch tabby Persian) three years ago. They are both wonderful cats and continue to be a constant source of happiness to us! Thank you again Glenn and Pauline!”

   Justine and Phil - Albany, New York
"Glenn and Pauline were very helpful through the whole adoption process.  You can tell they really treat their cats well, and they care a lot about making sure they go to good homes.  Our cat Lucius is very lovable and playful and he has the most beautiful coloring.  We couldn't be happier!"

Michelle & Taylor N. - Winthrop, Massachusetts
"After losing our 14 year old family cat, we were on the hunt for a replacement. I always wanted to own a Persian Himalayan. After a research of breeders, I came across Glenn and Pauline of East Coast Persians. I was so excited to find a breeder that was so nice and took the time to explain how to take care of a Persian. My daughter and I were invited to come to Glenn & Pauline’s home to see the Persian kitten. Upon arrival in their home, we were pleasantly surprised how clean, well natured all the cats and kittens were. It was so fun watching them all play. All the cats and kittens are well taken care of and have very good dispositions. Glenn & Pauline also made sure that we were a good match for their fur baby. They provided updates and photos via e-mail before we were able to take the kitten home. They are very professional and knowledgeable.

Several weeks later we were able to go back and pick up our new fur baby to be in her forever home. Her name is Munchkin and she was born on 06/29/2012. She is a cream blue point and is a bundle of joy! She has a great personality, beautiful looking, and is really loving. I am so glad that I found East Coast Persians, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a Persian. I am even thinking about getting another from them. My Munchkin and East Coast Persians are Purrrrrrrrrrrfect!"

Cathie D. - Billerica, Massachusetts
"If anyone is looking for a kitten look no further than East coast Persians and Himalayans. Pauline and Glen raise beautiful,healthy kittens that are so well cared for and loved. Their compassion in finding the perfect home for their babies is evident from the first time you met them.cant recommend them enough..I'm so glad I found them."

Susan and family - Westhampton, Massachusetts
"We adore our little girl Annabelle and we're very grateful for her and the joy she brings our family. She's exactly what we hoped for. Glenn and Pauline take a lot of care and pride in their cats and kittens, in their breeding and ensuring they find good homes. I know they love their cats. I was looking for a gentle natured Perisan in good health. Annabelle is all that and absolutely gorgeous too. I love her colors and markings. She is also very playful, lovable and cuddly. Now that she is a year old, she is becoming a cuddle bug at night. She hangs out wherever we are and will sleep in my bed all through the night. She is very gentle and affectionate with our 3 year old daughter. Our daughter has been taught how to properly handle cats and dogs and Annabelle is her favorite. They spend a lot of time together and get along perfectly. We love her deeply and couldn't be happier. Many thanks for our precious girl Annabelle."

Christine - Dedham, Massachusetts
"I was looking to adopt a kitten in 2010 and I contacted many breeders.  East Coast Persians was a breeder on my list and after a very lengthy conversation with Pauline, I felt that maybe I had found the right one.  I am not a Boston driver and was very nervous about going to Medford but I was determined to get there even though I got lost several times.  I met Pauline and Glenn and all their beautiful babies.  They spent so much time with me and explained everything I needed to know.  After about an hour I had to make the difficult decision of which fur ball I wanted to adopt.  It was very difficult but I chose a Blue Lynx Point Himalayan.  It was so exciting bringing Oliver Paxton home.He just loves to follow me around all day and sleeps at the foot of my bed.  I enjoy him so much and he truly is a beautiful kitten.
Pauline and I have kept in contact and spoke many times with one another.  I try and send her pictures of her babies so she can see how beautiful they are.
Finally in 2013 I wanted to adopt another baby.    Again I spent so much time with Pauline and Glenn  and finally chose a cream/white Persian.  Bailey Paxton is the sweetest and furriest kitten I've seen.  My groomer takes pictures of him because he has the longest whiskers she's ever seen.
I still stay in touch with Pauline and Glenn and think they are such caring, loving and well informed breeders.  I wouldn't think of going any place else. If I could I would adopt another one of their furry guys.

Thanks Pauline and Glenn."

Tricia - Newton, Massachusetts
"3 years ago we unexpectedly lost a cat and were devastated. I found East Coast Persians on the web and within 2 months we found our new kitten Quinnie. She is a red tabby and she is the most beautiful loving pet. We absolutely adore her-so much so that we decided to get one more to keep her company. This summer we brought home Skye. She is a blue cream point himalayan. She is playful, loving, and precious beyond words. The 2 cats are so fun together. I can't say enough about this breed and the breeder. Of particular note is that they are very quiet and do not scratch furniture. We have a scratching post and that is all they ever use to work out their nails. The kittens are precious gifts from heaven."