All our kittens will receive a sample of dry Royal Canin Babycat food, a can of wet Royal Canin Babycat food, and a folder with all their paper work when they go to their new homes.

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   We reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten.

The price of each kitten is Seven Hundred and 00/100 ($700.00) Dollars.  A Two Hundred and 00/100 ($200.00) Dollar non-refundable deposit is required to reserve any kitten.  
We do not accept personal checks.  All kittens are CFA registered.

No kitten will be sold without a binding agreement between the buyer and the breeder that the kitten will not be declawed and that the kitten will be neutered.


We have combined our two cattery locations into one.  We will start breeding beautiful kittens once all of our adults have adjusted to their new cattery location.
Stay tuned for litter announcements.